This fund allows both temporary holdings and direct minority holdings in the capital of subsidiaries of Spanish firms located abroad and in general, through holdings in company equity as detailed above and through any participatory tools.

Financing by the fund may also be provided through temporary holdings and direct minority holdings in those vehicles or capital expansion funds with existing official support or those that are subsequently created or private equity funds, that promote the internationalisation of the company or the Spanish economy.

FONPYME was created by Law 66/1997, of December 30, 1997, on Tax, Administrative and Social Order Measures, which was amended by the Forty-third Additional Provision of Law 30/2005, of December 29, 2005, on the General State Budget for 2006. Additionally, its activities and operation are regulated by R.D. 1226/2006 of October 27, 2006, as of November 16, 2006, as amended by R.D. 862/2010 of July 2, 2010, R.D. 321/2015 of April 24, 2015 and R.D. 72/2016 of February 19, 2016.

The budgetary information of the fund and its annual accounts are available at the following link. Likewise, statistical information is available at the following link. The evolution of the Fund's assets and performance can be consulted at the following link. The fund's allocation is available at this link