cristina lopez rts sa cofides

Cristina López | RTS S.A. Quality and Environment Manager

RTS’s internationalisation, to which a new endeavour in China to manufacture original automobile parts has been added, is a strategic decision based on the benefits to be potentially derived from economic diversification.

Female leadership is particularly well suited to such situations due, among others, to the following traits that distinguish it from male leadership: excellent organisational skills; clear and empathetic communication; global vision that strengthens inclusive leadership by coordinating different areas; and nimble and dynamic management to establish speedy and creative solutions to unforeseen circumstances.

Those features of female leadership tend to intensify staff commitment, especially where women’s management vision poses challenges and responds to issues such as what the company does, where it aspires to be in the medium term and how its strategy is perceived.

A feeling of belonging and involvement by all areas an successful internationalisation strategy, where female leadership stands out for the aforementioned aptitudes.

When I decided to pursue a degree in a technical field I was often advised to seek another discipline where women’s presence was less patchy, in the belief that building a career in a predominantly male pursuit would be no easy task. I have advanced professionally thanks to my hard work, effort and sacrifice, as well as the trust placed in me by the people who hired me and valued the benefits I could bring their organisations.

During my career I have held positions of responsibility in a number of industrial fields. My knowledge of chemistry and my proactivity, analytical capacity and organisational skills afforded me leadership opportunities in areas such as quality, R&D+I and manufacturing in Grupo Bionor. My career in that company enabled me to grow personally and professionally through team and business management. All those traits were taken into consideration when I was hired as RTS Quality Manager in 2015. I have now been confronted with a new challenge, managing the environment division. I have confronted that challenge with high expectations and optimism, under the conviction that I am capable of taking it on, in light of my ability to assume new responsibilities through which to continue to grow personally and professionally.

*This publication is part of the section 'Female leadership in internationalisation' which is available in COFIDES' 2020 Activity and Sustainability Report.