COFIDES has contributed to the consolidation of Eurofresh in the Dominican Republic through a joint venture loan of 2.1m structured through COFIDES own resources (25%) and FONPYME (75%).

With this funding, the company will acquire 140 hectares of farmland, as well as machinery and equipment to produce avocados. The demand for this fruit has increased considerably in recent years and with the establishment in an area that has the optimal conditions for its production, the company has guaranteed the supply to the European market all year round.

Since 2001, Eurofresh Vegetales & Frutas, S.L. has been dedicated to the production and commercialisation of tropical fruits. Its operation is based on nearly 4,000 hectares of crops, producing more than 16,500 tons of fruit and more than 70% of their farms grow organic produce.

With head offices in Malaga, the company has subsidiaries in Morocco, Peru, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, in the Netherlands it has a fruit reception, maturing, preparation and delivery service centre.

Eurofresh has developed a structure that accompanies and gives service to the producers throughout the year, ensuring the quality of its product.