COFIDES has acquired a shareholding in the capital of Reig Jofre UK Ltd, its UK subsidiary, with the option to leave in 6-8 years.

The resources provided by COFIDES through the Fund for Foreign Investment (FIEX) have been used to finance the acquisition of marketing licenses required for four dermatology products.

Reig Jofre UK manages the sales in the pharmaceutical channel through the new licenses, the range of nutritional supplements by Forté Pharma, as well as the sales to hospitals.

The company's core business specialises in the development of prescription and nonprescription-based pharmaceutical products, generic injectable products based on specialised technologies, medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Reig Jofre directs its R&D to develop new pharmaceutical products or variations on known active principles in order to modify its release, improve its dosage and get new routes of administration or indications. It also develops generic specialities to be manufactured by the company and licensed.

Reig Jofre has an outstanding experience in the development and manufacture of injectable lyophilised antibiotics, beta lactam antibiotics, topical dermatological products and nutraceuticals, as well as the development of new innovative molecules in partnership with start-ups and research centres.