Disruptive Consulting, a cybersecurity service provider, specialises in preventing, detecting and uninterruptedly responding to potential cyberthreats by monitoring its clients’ technological infrastructure

"Given the challenges posed by IT security in the midst of today’s digital transformation, offering innovative national services beyond our borders is an important endeavour’. In his opinion ‘security is a priority for companies and technology may be the ideal ally to provide solutions to the ever-more complex situations confronting our society"

José Ángel Delgado, Disrupting Consulting CEO

In 2021 COFIDES awarded the firm a EUR 1 million joint venture loan to build a new cybersecurity service and data centre in Italy, a very promising market with huge growth potential in that sector. Disruptive Consulting has invested a total of EUR 6.5 million in the project.

"In recent months we have seen how a cyberattack can bring corporate, regional and national economic and social activity to a standstill. Taking a punt on growth in this sector is a priority for COFIDES, given the beneficial impact of such projects"

Yolanda Gómez de Segura, head of Unit of COFIDES’s Investment Division

The sector was favoured by the pandemic in 2020, for lockdowns drove companies to restructure their operating models very quickly, adopting remote working and cloud technologies, both of which require tight security. This project makes significant strategic sense for COFIDES’s investee, for it may place position it as sole provider of managed security, cyber intelligence and SASE (secure access service edge) network services in Italy.

The present investment contributes in particular to SDG 9, ‘Industry, innovation and infrastructure', for it favours innovation in secure communication to improve processes, geared especially to the service sector. It is likewise in line with SDG 8, ‘Decent work and economic growth’.

Realted SDGs

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