COFIDES has accompanied Molecor in its expansion in South Africa to set up a PVC-O pipe factory. To this end, it granted a joint venture loan for the euro equivalent of 35 million South African rand, up to a maximum of 2 million euro.

Molecor is a Spanish company specialized in the development of Molecular Orientation technology applied to pressurized water pipes. It was founded in 2006 and since then its exponential growth and continuous improvement in the advancement of efficient and innovative solutions for the development of technology for the manufacture of Oriented PVC pipes have made it the current world leader in the industry.

In 2018, Molecor requested COFIDES to replace the financing linked to this project with a participation in a syndicated loan to boost its internationalization strategy.

This strategy refers to a solid and sustainable business model, relying fundamentally on the development of markets, with a product that offers unbeatable products to transport water under pressure compared to other alternatives. This market development is carried out either by supplying the product or by supplying the technology and, in recent years, by developing production plants in foreign markets.

Molecor has captured its technical advances in manufacturing and marketing on five continents, with new features and an optimized production process, improving the customer experience, adapting to the different market demands and presenting innovations that increase the range of products, achieving applications normally reserved for other solutions.